custom photo invitations: construction trucks invitations

another repeat customer with another custom request. this time it was construction time.!!!! they will be up on the site soon.

thank you brandi!

* custom photo birthday invitations * photo invitations * contruction invitations * truck invitations

little bear: custom bear invitations

just finished drawing this little bear. a customer is looking for a custom invite and knew what she wanted, but couldn't find it. look for this little bear on some new invites to come soon!!

monkey birthday invitations (and a bear oh my)

so many requests for animal invitations. i love zoos and animal parks and to see little ones having parties with such themes makes a mom who isn't a fan of that purple dinosaur very happy :)

here are a couple new animal zoo type invitations. as always, all colors and wording (and even the animal) can be customized for you!

*monkey invitation photos courtesy of florida's best photographer, the talented kat of kat braham photography - bear photos are copyright © me :)

custom hula luau invitations

cant find the invite that matches your party decor? or dont think the colors goes with your picture? no problem and no extras charges to customize your invitation. as a designer, i want my cards to look thier best too. here is an example of one from today. she picked this hula invitation, but mom thought the colors of her dress would match better, and she was right :)

so i switched up the colors and altered the flowers :)

cupcake birthday invitation: another little customer turns ONE!

this is my 3rd one this week. a customer who i was fortunate enough to create their birth announcement for their little one, returned for their first birthday invitations. i am truly honored by all my repeat customers.

here she is, little madelyn jane (love that name). how cute is she?
THANK YOU stacey!!

custom alphabet zoo invitation: happy birthday graham!

i am so excited to share this one.

stephanie, you are one of my favorite customers. although we have never met, i feel like i know you. with the combination of reading your blog, and through making your little guy's birth announcement, your family's holiday card and now his first birthday invitation, you seem more like a friend than just a customer. your little guy has grown so fast. I am so glad you found my cards last year and have kept coming back to me for all your custom card needs. i was so excited to see your theme this year as i have been wanting to add more zoo invitations to my designs, so thank you.

and here it is, graham's 1st birthday invitation. it is made to match the alphabet zoo birthday theme and we made it on my 5x7 cardstock, so full color on both sides.

also shown are the past cards i have made for the neipling family :)

happy birthday graham!!!
stephanie, i look forward to working with you again soon!!!

another custom photo card: butterfly birthday invitation

this wonderful mom (great previous customer) needed a butterfly themed card and she came to the right place. with a less than 24 hour turn-around, we (me) were able to get her custom butterfly invite finished. purple and pink to match her little princesses outfit with butterflies fluttering on the border. happy birthday julia!

custom photo invitations: dinosaur invitation

can't find the perfect card? the right number of photos, the perfect theme you have been planning forever? how about something to match the perfect birthday dress? I CAN do that :)

here is a custom design i did today mom emailed me (previous customer, love those repeat customers) and her little guys are having a dinosaur party and she needed invites. here is what we came up with:

so, can't find exactly what you want or not even something close? i can help :)

* dinosaur birthday inviation *

Birth Announcement: 4th of July Birth Announcement

i just finished this and had to already share. this sweet little guy was not only born on 7.4, but also weighed in at 7lbs 4oz!

to honor his birthdate, his parents chose a blue base announcement and we switched the original brown with red.

thank you ryan & rebecca, it was an honor making this for you and your little guy!

also shown below is another announcement i did last year for a baby brought home close to the 4th of july. sweet little independence babies!

*custom photo birth announcements, photo birth announcements, 4th of july announcement, red white and blue birth announcement*

new home card - we've moved announcement card

need to tell friends and family that you have moved into your new home? want a custom card to show them your new home and share your change of address? a have a new line of "new home cards" that will be in the store next week.

this one was made for a wonderful new customer and her husband who were referred to me by a friend. Thank you again Maggie and enjoy your new home!

red wagon birthday invitation: red wagon, frogs and puppy dogs?

what says little boy more than a little wagon, rocks, jars full of bugs, frogs and puppy dogs? well, besides the sweet smiles and big bear hugs? :)

share all the joys of your little boy on this new custom photo invitation. brand new design requested by an awesome new customer who couldn't find a fresh new design with everything she wanted on it.

here it is. it will be in my store soon along with the second option show below too. if you want to purhcase one of these for your little boy's birthday invitation before you see it in my store, feel free to email me.

this card can feature 1-5 of your favorite photos of your little boy. elements can be added or even removed :)

the saying is something similar to one i found in a book, but i totally modified it. so it isn't the same one you may have seen before (but can also be changed):

"Rocks in pockets and big bear hugs, little red wagons and jars full of bugs.
Puppy dogs, frogs & lots of toys, all the joys of little boys!"

*sample invitation photos courtesy of the florida's best photographer, the talented kat of kat braham photography

red wagon birthday custom birthday invitation * red wagon and frog birthday invitation

custom photo cowboy birthday invitation

yipee ki yea - it is a little cowboys birthday.

this cowboy invite was made for one of my favorite [repeat] clients for her little guys cowboy theme birthday. this card features a beige background with a bandana strip and a silhouette of a classic cowboy with a favorite photo of your little cowboy!

autumns creek: my new look

the new look for autumns creek custom cards:

i had been wanting a new logo for a while and once i ran out of business cards, i knew it was the time. talk about difficult logo clients, i am the worst, lol. it took a a while for me to commit to a design, but here it is. as a girl, i have always been a doodeler and i always catch myself doddeling hearts and flowers. so, of course, here is my new logo with a flower (of sorts) made out of hearts. five hearts, one for each member of my family. a big blue one for the mister, a pink one for me, a muted brown for my oldest son, green for my middle son and another shade of pink for my little girl. 5 hearts coming together :)

another monkey birthday invitation!

lets go bananas -

this design can feature up to five pictures from the past year or pics from each year to current. as always, wording and colors customizable. up within the next day or so in my store:

*design quality shown is converted to web size, not reflective of actual clarity on printed card :)

custom photo holiday cards: christmas in july!

another sneek peak at another new design for the 2009 holiday season.

the adorable card features one of your favorite photos on a bright red background and a bright green border with fun polka dots. I could even add a second (smaller) photo on the bottoom right edge if you wanted. sample shows what the back would look like for cardstock orders of this design.

photo holiday cards * photo cristmas cards * photo holiday greetings

photo birthday party invitations: so sweet ladybug invitations

is your little ladybug having a birthday party? invite your guests with these so sweet little ladybug custom photo invitations. with the option of using up to 6 of your favorite photos, show your friends and family how she has grown!!

© autumns-creek: sweet ladybug banner invitation

© autumns-creek: sweet ladybug frames invitation

custom photo holiday cards: christmas in july?

custom photo holiday cards:
i will debuting a few new custom holiday cards from my new 2009 line this month. i thought i would just share a few at the end of the month. but to make things more fun, i will share a single one at a time.

design name: poinsettia
this little card can feature up to 4 of your favorite photos. if you are using verical photos, then 2 would be the most. it has a soft taupe background with polka dots and a deep red strip with your greeting. as always, all colors and wording are completely customizable.

red wagon birthday invitations

what says childhood more than a little red wagon? every child deserves one of these nostalgic toys and what a better theme for your little one's party? these new designs are just for you and your little red wagon birthday party!! you can add more pictures and all wording and colors, as always, are completely customizable!! these red wagon invitations will be up and in my store (with a few more new one (with multiple pics) this week!!!

custom photo party invitation - little red wagon blocks ©

custom photo party invitation - little red wagon parade©

custom photo party invitation - lred wagon filled with fun ©

red wagon birthday invitations * red wagon party

custom invitations: weddings anyone? help me.

so excited to get started on this line. i have been planning for almost two years and now is the time. i need your help though. can you all share (in the comments section) your favorite wedding color(s), theme, pattern (flourish, damask, etc).


(p.s. that little gorgeous dress up there is drawn by me.... :)

custom photo cards - quantity discount pricing is done!!

quantity discount pricing is done!!
a huge thanks to my hubby for completing quantity discount pricing. with the pricing schedule, your price per piece starts to go down starting at 35 pieces, then goes down even more at 50, and even more at 100. buy more and save more!!
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  • birthday invitations
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great photo cards start with great pictures - photography 101

and, great pictures usually start with great eye contact!!

i get many moms (ok, a couple dads too), that email me, frustrated that they do not have any good pictures. first, let me say that when all is said and done, every picture you have documenting your children's lives are ALL good pictures. while, i will agree that every picture may not be technically correct, or what some people may call "frame-worthy," as a photographer and a mom, there is something magical, about every picture.

so, blah blah blah, you get the sappy stuff, but you want a technically better photos of your kids? okay, glad you asked :) great photos usually start with these main things; good light (which to me is natural light, never flash), good composition and eye contact. notice i didn't say a good camera? that is because it isn't the camera, it isn't. when non-photography people see my pictures, many say, "wow, you have a great camera." well, that is like calling a chef to your table and saying, "wow, what great pans you have." :)

i will admit that a great camera can take higher resolution pictures, handle low light better and even capture better compositions with full frames, but if you don't have the basics down, the best camera in theworld can't take a great photo on it's own.

today, i am going to share a secret about one of the main things behind a great photo, eye contact. some of you tell me your child wont look at you runs, away, etc. there are some great ways to fix this. for little babies (at least 6 weeks) eye contact can be acheived. use a bell, whistle or some other form of noise and they will look at you, then click.

for the older ones, there are many things to try;

  1. try singing them a new song - itsy bitsy spider, while doing the spider with one hand works wonders
  2. tell them jokes.
  3. whisper, like you are telling a secret and most kids will stare.
  4. ask if you have something on your camera (hey lizzie, is there a butterfly on my camera?)
  5. and finally, there is always bribery. sometimes a great shot may cost you a bag of m&m's, but it will be worth it :)

    below are some of my favorite shots that i have taken for friends with great eye contact!

custom photo cards - quantity discount pricing is done!!

a huge thanks to my hubby for completing quantity discount pricing. with the pricing schedule, your price per piece starts to go down starting at 35 pieces, then goes down even more at 50, and even more at 100. buy more and save more!!

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  • baptism invitations
  • birthday invitations
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quantity discounts now available.

yippee we have our birthday invitations, holiday cards and our baptism invites and thank yous on quantity discount pricing*. YEAH!!! buy more & save more!!

*quantity discount pricing is only applicable for purches made on

don't forget the labels!!!

for just $2 add matching return labels to your order. Order 75 or more and the matching return labels on me! Please note that I only include as many as your cards, so if you want extras, please add those to your order

also, we are now offering guest address labels too for $5. All you need to do is send us a spreadsheet (Excel file) of the name and addresses of your guests and we will print out the labels. Please note that although guest address labels will have matching fonts, they will be black in color with no elements (graphics). Example shown above.

custom photo invitations: jungle monkey birthday invitations

introducing a few new monkey themed cards for your little monkey. always remember that if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, i can alter colors and wording for free. in addition, i can usually customize a card for a theme you don't see on my site just for you :)

photo monkey invitations * monkey birthday invitations * monkey party invitations
hula monkey photo cards * mmonkey birthday party invitations