it is good to be back.

i closed shop on 12/11 and by the 18th, all my orders were done, printed and shipped. i only take one break a year from this and it is very much looked forward too. this year was no different. however, the first few days felt awkward, i felt like a visitor in my own home. when i am usually at the computer, i can hear the family upsatirs and 50% of the time, they are in here with me, keeping mom company. however, this time i was up there. turning on the tv before it is usually on, wanting to cook dinner when my husband usually does. basically, i was messing up their routine and it felt weird. however, a couple days into it and we got in a new groove, which was nice, i felt like i belonged again. not having to work at night felt good. more family time felt right. however, the last few days i have been missing it. designing is like a an addiction and i *needed* to do it. so i opened up a couple days early and sat down to come up with new designs and it felt so good. being a mom is the best job in the world, it is all i ever wanted to do. being a mom can be tough and being a working mom is even tougher. being pulled in so many directions. finding a balance is hard and i have been working on a better way to balance work and family. when you work from home, it is tough as you never "leave the work at work." however, as i start back into another year, balance will be my goal. i am lucky as i love what i do, i love being able to have found a way to earn money doing something i love, something that not only fulfill a need within me, but also can bring a smile to a mom's face. for that, i am grateful. happy new year!

antique dreams

so many things inspire me; my daughter, my boys, my view out my back deck, elle decor magazine . i went back to my roots and designed a few new birthday invitations. here is my antique dreams line. with, of course, my little autumn as the design model.