photography logo design | diamond logo design

brand new in my shop - two new logo designs with diamond accent details!!! for the business owner that loves some sparkle!

graphic design

graphic design is what i do.

graphic design is what i love.
graphic design is who i am.
graphic design is what i have been doing and learning every day for over 15 years. 
graphic design is an art. 
graphic design is a talent. 
graphic design is also education (formal and informal). 
graphic design is having an eye for design, for lines, space. colors, fonts and so much more..

just like owning a DSLR camera does not make one a photographer. nor does owning a cast iron skillet make one a chef . . . 

it is also true that having photoshop, illustrator or inDesign does not make one a graphic designer.


hand painted logo design

a completely one of a kind logo - your name, hand painted!

brand new logo / watermark design in my shop now!

premade logo | book and camera logo

two new hand drawn logos for the story teller photographer. perfect for day in the life photographers ;)

happy 10th birthday to my little princess!

wow. i think i say this every year, but how does time fly by so fast... i remember the days she was born and had the longest skinniest legs and for a moment i regretted allowing my doctor to induce labor 4 days early... she looked so skinny like she needed more baking time with her little olive oil legs . . . well, those legs are still long, but she has grown into them. i can not believe she is ten.

this year for her birthday, i decided to re-do her room to match the girl she has grown into. bright colors, a place for her trophies, a sitting spot to read and and a bookshelf for her books...

i love you so much little girl and can not even imagine that i used to think that i didn't "need" a girl. i was so happy with my boys and thought a third boy would be perfect (and he probably would have been), but you are perfection all your own. we love you so much and can not fathom not having our autumn in our lives. i love you sweet girl, happy birthday. i hope you love your new room!!

demo has begun

we have had such a busy summer. for the past couple of years, we werent sure if we would be staying in our house or moving into a new one . . . after tons of contemplation (and the mister nor the kids wanted to move), it was decided that we are staying. so, with that decision came the promise of some serious fixing up. which includes our office and a new kitchen!! woo hoo. demo began today on the kitchen. out with the old, in with the new.... bye bye white stove, hello new 6 burner gas top!!!

my combo craft room & office | it is finally happening!

we have been so busy here at the j house. we are redoing our downstairs. for the past 9 years, me and the mister have shared an office, but now we are doing our OWN spaces. his will be a gorgeous masculine office (fitting for a guy with a masters degree and college teacher) darker furniture, classic style . .  where mine will be for ME... totally opposite of him, but isn't that what good marriages are made of? 

my office will have off white walls with one grey wall, painted cement flooring, and pottery barn bedford collection pieces.

just for comparison when i am done, this is my craft (loving called crap) room before:

for the re-do  - i scored this on craigslist for more then half off the  list price.

the mister treated me to this to match

this is my palette

and i think i need this:

i picked this up last week at a garage sale

i can't wait to show you all the finished room!!

custom circle logo to match your premade or custom logo

new listing for circular/sticker/watermark logo file in my shop!

bunny logo | photography boutique bunny logo

by request - a sweet little hand drawn bunny just added to my etsy logo shop

logo design | hand drawn sprout herb premade logo

new in my shop, for the health educator, chef, nutritionist or just someone who loves a little sprout :)