it is the little things that matter.

to be thanks for a card is one thing, but to be thanked for saying something that made a difference in someone's life is something else. something so much better. i am a talker, i love to talk and sometimes find myself talking about family or personal things with my customers. some may say this isn't professional, but it is me and i think it is what sets me apart from the do it yourself photocard websites, the personal part of me and my business.

today i received an email, totally out of the blue from a customer. not a recent customer, but someone who purchased cards a couple years ago. Seems when she sent me the pics for her card, we must have started talking about dogs and i told her about mine. We talked about my english mastiff timber and i told her that he was great with kids. she remembered this later when she lost her dog and was blessed with a sweet little boy. that sweet little boy needed a dog (and we all know dogs need a little boy). it make me happy that by talking about one of my loves helped bring these two guys together!

little jake was born with down syndrome and his buddy arthur was conditioned just for him. a special dog for a special boy. with permission, here is a pic of them together and below a picture of my oldest son with our mastiff, timber.

there is a page on arthur's breeders site dedicate to them here

thank you kim, for taking time out of your busy day to email me and make my day special!!!