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I just finished up helping michelle ( with her new blog, new brand and new photos of her for her "about me" section (isn't she gorgeous)?

me and michelle have been friends for what seems like forever, but has really only been about five years. we met at work (me doing marketing / design and her well, just a pediatric doctor. michelle saw some photos i did for a coworker and came into my office to talk to me about maternity photos. since then, we have laughed together, cried together, and learned together. after falling in love with photography, michelle quit her FT practice, had a 3rd child (a boy who i watched come into this world) and is now a southern california photographer  (and an amazing one at that). i bet you all do not know that many photographers with an M.D. after their name :)

i am so proud of michelle and the person she is and has become. she is a great mom, a wonderful wife, a fabulous friend and is doing what she loves. she is the epitome of living your dream and doing what makes you happy, not just what makes you money.

love you michelle!