thank you's are here!!

finally, after trying to finish a line for ever, i am done. a new set of 6 thank you's to match my baptism cards are done. here is a sneak peak of a couple, the rest will be in the store this week!!

it is the little things that matter.

to be thanks for a card is one thing, but to be thanked for saying something that made a difference in someone's life is something else. something so much better. i am a talker, i love to talk and sometimes find myself talking about family or personal things with my customers. some may say this isn't professional, but it is me and i think it is what sets me apart from the do it yourself photocard websites, the personal part of me and my business.

today i received an email, totally out of the blue from a customer. not a recent customer, but someone who purchased cards a couple years ago. Seems when she sent me the pics for her card, we must have started talking about dogs and i told her about mine. We talked about my english mastiff timber and i told her that he was great with kids. she remembered this later when she lost her dog and was blessed with a sweet little boy. that sweet little boy needed a dog (and we all know dogs need a little boy). it make me happy that by talking about one of my loves helped bring these two guys together!

little jake was born with down syndrome and his buddy arthur was conditioned just for him. a special dog for a special boy. with permission, here is a pic of them together and below a picture of my oldest son with our mastiff, timber.

there is a page on arthur's breeders site dedicate to them here

thank you kim, for taking time out of your busy day to email me and make my day special!!!

need to say thank you?

i can help. i get many requests for thank you's. and yes, i can do that. i can create a custom thank you to either match your birth announcement or your baptism invites. make your baptism thank you even more special by using photos from the special day - as shown below in actual thank yous from recent customers.

it is good to be back.

i closed shop on 12/11 and by the 18th, all my orders were done, printed and shipped. i only take one break a year from this and it is very much looked forward too. this year was no different. however, the first few days felt awkward, i felt like a visitor in my own home. when i am usually at the computer, i can hear the family upsatirs and 50% of the time, they are in here with me, keeping mom company. however, this time i was up there. turning on the tv before it is usually on, wanting to cook dinner when my husband usually does. basically, i was messing up their routine and it felt weird. however, a couple days into it and we got in a new groove, which was nice, i felt like i belonged again. not having to work at night felt good. more family time felt right. however, the last few days i have been missing it. designing is like a an addiction and i *needed* to do it. so i opened up a couple days early and sat down to come up with new designs and it felt so good. being a mom is the best job in the world, it is all i ever wanted to do. being a mom can be tough and being a working mom is even tougher. being pulled in so many directions. finding a balance is hard and i have been working on a better way to balance work and family. when you work from home, it is tough as you never "leave the work at work." however, as i start back into another year, balance will be my goal. i am lucky as i love what i do, i love being able to have found a way to earn money doing something i love, something that not only fulfill a need within me, but also can bring a smile to a mom's face. for that, i am grateful. happy new year!

antique dreams

so many things inspire me; my daughter, my boys, my view out my back deck, elle decor magazine . i went back to my roots and designed a few new birthday invitations. here is my antique dreams line. with, of course, my little autumn as the design model.

introducing my new line . . .

finally... quality 2-sided cardstock cards at an affordable price! I am finished with my first set of my new line. i am so excited to be able to offer these to my customers. i first introduced cardstock for my holiday cards and the feedback was incredible. my store opens tomorrow and within the week, i will have the first of my new line of 2 sided cards up. please know it will take a while to create an entire line so if you find a single sided announcement you love, we can make it into a double sided just for you!!!