guess who in on etsy?

me. me. i am. i have had so many people find my on the other "e" site that they asked if i was on etsy, now i am! i know i already have my own website/store, but i felt this is a good way to not only advertise for me but be on a site that has the BEST custom made made stuff. i can spend hours browsing through all the wonderful stuff oon etsy, i am so excited to now be part of it!

and because i was so excited, i made a new logo design - this is me at my desk :)

if you want to come see me, click here:

custom 50th anniversary photo invitation

invite your guests to the 50th anniversary with my new design. this design can feature one large (either recent or the wedding photo) and up to three other smaller photos). as always, colors and wording can be customized!

custom 40th birthday party invitation

celebrate with style with my new design for an upscale classy celebration. i can modify colors and will even customize the design to match the birthday girl (hair color, hair length & dress color :)