7 days of thankfulness | day 5 thanksgiving

i am thankful for my healthy family & having kids that still let mom take thanksgiving pics of them (and here, with them :) ... and for my oldest who always seems to take a candid shot i love..

7 days of thankfulness | day 4

i am thankful that i have raised teenage boys who aren't too busy to play with their little sister :

7 days of thankfulness | day 3

i am thankful for sunrises out my bedroom window

7 days of thankfulness | day 2

i am thankful for
  • youth sports.
  • the enthusiasm my daughter has for every sport she plays.
  • the coaches who donate their time to teach them.


7 days of thankfulness

i am thankful for the passion we all share for football. highschool. college and NFL.

UCLA . . . fight. fight.fight

(last nights game.. ucla lost, but we had a blast anyway)

and the seahawks last week!!

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