red wagon birthday invitation: red wagon, frogs and puppy dogs?

what says little boy more than a little wagon, rocks, jars full of bugs, frogs and puppy dogs? well, besides the sweet smiles and big bear hugs? :)

share all the joys of your little boy on this new custom photo invitation. brand new design requested by an awesome new customer who couldn't find a fresh new design with everything she wanted on it.

here it is. it will be in my store soon along with the second option show below too. if you want to purhcase one of these for your little boy's birthday invitation before you see it in my store, feel free to email me.

this card can feature 1-5 of your favorite photos of your little boy. elements can be added or even removed :)

the saying is something similar to one i found in a book, but i totally modified it. so it isn't the same one you may have seen before (but can also be changed):

"Rocks in pockets and big bear hugs, little red wagons and jars full of bugs.
Puppy dogs, frogs & lots of toys, all the joys of little boys!"

*sample invitation photos courtesy of the florida's best photographer, the talented kat of kat braham photography

red wagon birthday custom birthday invitation * red wagon and frog birthday invitation

custom photo cowboy birthday invitation

yipee ki yea - it is a little cowboys birthday.

this cowboy invite was made for one of my favorite [repeat] clients for her little guys cowboy theme birthday. this card features a beige background with a bandana strip and a silhouette of a classic cowboy with a favorite photo of your little cowboy!

autumns creek: my new look

the new look for autumns creek custom cards:

i had been wanting a new logo for a while and once i ran out of business cards, i knew it was the time. talk about difficult logo clients, i am the worst, lol. it took a a while for me to commit to a design, but here it is. as a girl, i have always been a doodeler and i always catch myself doddeling hearts and flowers. so, of course, here is my new logo with a flower (of sorts) made out of hearts. five hearts, one for each member of my family. a big blue one for the mister, a pink one for me, a muted brown for my oldest son, green for my middle son and another shade of pink for my little girl. 5 hearts coming together :)