Need a Holiday card & you just moved?

although with madness that consumes my pre-holiday season, i could not fathom moving.... but many people do. each year, i have request to help and solve the problem of combining a design. well, it is NOT a problem. i will gladly work in your new addresss onto any of my designs (either worked in on the bottom (like 2nd sample), taking a picture's spot (3rd sample) or we can even make a matching wallet size design that you could put in with your card (as shown in first sample). as always, if you have any questions, email me :)

because i love pink

another new design for everyone else that loves it to -
here is my new PINK SNOW - sample shows a great textured background, some custom hand drawn snowflakes and one of my favorite holiday sayings....
sample shows my autumn (attitude and all) . . :)