breaks are pure [joy]

pure [bliss]

break is over, we had a blast (as shown above of my two youngest running full speed towards the ocean). thank you so much for your patience while i spent a few days away with my family. my customers are the best. I am back and taking orders. i will be taking holiday card orders until december 7th and information must be received by december 8th. please email me if you have any questions!

to my customers - quick break for family 11/23 & 11/24

in the midst of my busiest holiday season EVER. i must take a break. me and my husband are renewing our vows on monday. any orders via my website between Sunday and Monday will be handled upon my return on Tuesday. i thank you, in advance, for your understanding.

a touch of elegance & a little animal print . .

introducing 4 new designs . . .

a little different for me. i usually consider myself more of a modern designer, rather than an elegant classic one, but i love these. a touch of elegnace, but still chic.

here they are, they will be in my store shortly!!!

actress from Guiding Light chooses a holiday card from autumn's creek!

actress michelle ray smith contacted me for her hoiday cards. she had taken a photo of her son and she said it reminded her of an old vintage photo and wanted something different for her family's holiday greeting. she asked if i could make a custom card and of course i said yes. she said she wanted blue, snowflake and a retro feel. although i felt stumped for a while, something did come to me & michelle was happy with the result. she said,

"Marie, It's beautiful! We love it :) Well done!"

here is the final result:

thank you michelle and family!!

*name and card posted with permission from michelle ray

don't fall for a copycat.

the other day, i was emailed a link to a myspace account. when i opened it, my stomach dropped. on this site were MY DESIGNS for sale. the person who "owned" this myspace account had downloaded my work & were displaying them as examples of her work. she didn't even bother to duplicate the design or remake them, they were MY CARDS, with my children on them. within 24 hours, and after a few copyright infringement letters to both her, myspace & photobucket, i was successful in her pulling down my work. i know i can not stop design theft. i see it on a weekly basis, new people selling designs that i know are based on my work. it is frustrating to see my hard work being sold by someone else. it is even more frustrating when i think that people may fall for it, see MY WORK, buy them and i know the finished product will be substandard as no true designer needs to copy someone else's work. so, my customers, be careful, buy from a reputable designer. i have been in business for over 3 years and take pride in each and every design i make for you.

introducing... two new holiday collections

this is what i do when i should be sleeping :) creating new designs.
snowtastic. . . . love these.

holiday kisses. of course, inspired by the adorable kiss in the main photo. this is my neighbor's daughter & her family. how cute are they?


• minimum order of 100
• available on my website only in 5x7 size
• pricing: 5x7 cardstock 1.45 each
• Process time (from approval to ship) is approximately 5 business days from approval date.

*picture is shown as an example and is not indicative of how your order will arrive

customize? yes, i can do that!

no two families are alike, no two designers are alike, and not everyone's style and taste is alike. so, why should you expect your taste in a holiday card to exactly match someone else's? this is what sets me apart from many online card choices. when you buy from many upload/ do it yourself card sites, what you see is what you get. not with me, i will gladly customize colors, wording and layout if needed. Love a card, but not the font? easily fixed. don't have a design in mind, but want to match your daughter's dress? i love to do that, just ask :) here are some samples from customizing this week: