*sneak peak* for my new 2008 holiday designs

i have been hard at work coming up with some new designs for the holiday season. last year, i got started late and never even got all my 2007 designs in my store. so, we are working on those now and in the coming weeks will have new 2008 designs available as well. remember to order early, my process time goes from 48 hours to about 72 hours and we all know how shipping times can be slower the closer we get to the holidays. so don't wait.

here they are, a few of my favorite designs (and some featuring my favorite pictures of my favorite kids - i.e. MINE). i love that i get to combine my love of photography with my love of design.

introducing my newest design... [boston]

i truly do not know how i come up with names. when i was doing the boy one, i was thinking of a name and boston came to mind. the boston red sox are our favorite team and boston was one of the names we considered for my middle son. well, now this design is boston. fun & full of life, that is boston.