can i customize? ummm YES!

if you see a design you like, but it isn't perfect, i can usually customize it to make it perfect for you!

this design was my marlena grace design, but mom (one of my favorite customers)wanted the colors to match the main photo, but not overpower it.

there she is, little emily. congrats again liane!!

and this one was my bug invite, but mom needed the butterflies to match her theme.

custom monkey shower invitations!!

this new design can be made with or without a photo. will be added to the store soon!!

custom photo invitations: pink pirate party!!

little madelyn is about to be four and is having a pink pirate party, so of course her mom emailed me (as i have done a few invites for little miss madelyn and her little sister in the past). i had an existing design that we tweaked a little to come up with this:

happy birthday madelyn!!

the new design wil be in my store this week!

custom logos: have a business and need a logo?

blog is up and revised. if you have a business, you need a logo. branding yourself and your business is crucial if defining yourself in your market. set yourself apart from the competition, your branding is the first impression people will get of you, make it stand out!

little bug birthday invitation!

whether your little bug likes pink and frilly with ladybugs and butterflies or your little boy bug likes blues and worms and fireflies, i can customize the perfect design just for you.

below are two new custom designs that will be in my store soon.