and now my holiday begins . . .

i know many of you are wondering why i closed shop. well, the business reason is from receipt of info to shipment of cards is about 7 working days . . . this is average, and this holiday season was nothing but average. by the time i turn around all the orders received in the past couple weeks, we will be into next week, just a week or week and a half away from the holidays, that is cutting it close for customers to then turn around and ship. so, store closed. now, onto my more important reason, what you see here. my kids. all of them, 2 boys, a girl and 3 4-legged ones. it is time for the Jay holiday season to begin too. so thank you, thank you thank you for your patronage, your business has helped me cut my hours at my "real job" to spend more time with them. so thank you. now, off to complete orders and hopefully get my own card done and out in time!

What are you waiting for?

This is autumn, my spunky, sassy, lovable & totally gorgeous daughter (i am her mom, i can say that right?). i am sure you have seen her face on my designs, but usually with a smile. this is her little "come on" mom face. she knows our holiday season doesn't start until mom closes shop for the season. so, date set. Last day to order your cards is sunday, december 7th. Information must be received by the 8th and final approvals by the 11th.

I thank you all for your business, this has so far been a fantastic season and it is because of you that i get to spend more time with my family, including miss attitude up there :)

Final bonus sale : purchase before 12/4 and orders over 50 will receive 5 free additional cards*.

*all free cards are printed on standard photo paper, excludes cardstock orders which must be purchased in quantities of 25.