Logo FAQ


q: what is your turn-around time?
a. i usually will have your premade proof to you within 24 hours.

q: i like this logo, but i want it to say something different on the bottom, is that okay?
a: definitely, i can change the text to whatever you want.

q: hey there, i found this graphic on the graphicpixie.com (or wherever) and want to use it i a logo, can you use that for me?

a: sorry, no, i never use purchased clipart. i would love to draw you a graphic, but it would of course be different.

q: do you include a watermark?
a: yes, all my logo files are transparent, except jpg and can be used in lightroom, photoshop and elements as a watermark!

q: i have been looking at logos for days and i have found some for less, but i really like this one, what can you do for me?
a: all my logos are priced as marked. i know there are many "cheaper" logos, but sometimes, somethings are too good to be true . . is that logo really hand drawn or is the seller using clip art? a quick google image search (of graphic alone) can find many of those "one of a kind - hand drawings " all over the internet.
when you purchase from me, you can be assured that you wont find your logo element on vector123.com :)

q: will i see a proof first?
a: yes, i send proofs for approval. i send them by email to your etsy email address, please check your spam folder, many of my emails go there

q: do you make custom logos?
a: i sure do, my pricing is here: http://autumnscreek.blogspot.com/p/logo-design-pricing.html

q: i love this logo, but i just want the camera (bird, tree, etc), how much?
a: i do not sell my artwork alone, sorry!

q: i see you make many logos for photographers, do you have any for a day care (or whatever)?
a: yes, i make lots of logos for photographers, but am always trying to expand my inventory of logos, if you have an idea, let me know :)

q: i love the name on this logo, are you selling the name too?
a: i do not trademark the names i use on samples not do "own them."  i am not a lawyer, so i do not have name advice, but i can put whatever name you want :)

q: i like this logo, and this one, and this one... can you show me them please so i can see if i like it before i buy?
a: i am sorry, but i spend a lot if time making my premade logos look just right with your name. most of my clients are business owners themselves and i hope you all can understand that as a working mom, i just can not invest that time without a purchase. i once had a owner of a water damage company as for a sample. i responded that i could not and that i hope he could understand that would be similar to a client asking him to come and remove water from one of his rooms for free and if he liked it, he would pay for the other room :)

q:  i love your work, i found the attached logo online, can you make me one like it?
a: hi, i am sorry, i can not copy another designers or company's logo. i can see why you like it, it is gorgeous, but i can make something that is your own if you want :)


Julie Baker said...

I am a Realtor in the Cornelius, NC area. I am interested in having you do a logo for me. I I don't know how else to contact you.

Julie Baker

marie said...

thank you - i found your question on etsy :)

Unknown said...

Hi Marie,

I'd like to use your services. Could you please contact me? I can't find your contact info on here. My email is Maydablancorealtor@gmail.com.

Unknown said...

What's your contact info??

Tee said...

I would like to order a logo

Unknown said...

How do I contact you to do a realtor logo? I would like to do one asap! Can you call me or email me?
My cell is 225-405-9994 or danamariepatureau@gmail.com.
Thanks! I have a few questions.