introducing hannah & junebug inspirations!

Happy black friday everyone. i hope you were able to get out and shop (i was)!!

today, i have another feature friday and i am introducing you to a super sweet client of mine, hannah and her shop, junebug inspirations. hannah makes unique items for you and  your little ones. you can see more items she has made on her facebook page here. her adorable hats are modern, yet will remind you of things your grandma use to make. and the best thing is miss hannah is giving one away to one of my lucky blog readers.  all you have to do is LIKE her facebook page, then come back here and tell me how adorable her items are and you  are entered, easy as pie (which reminds me, i think i need a piece of pumpkin pie) :)

Hannah, junebug inspirations owner & designer
how gorgeous is she (and fun too)!
hannah is a custom logo client and trusted me to bring her branding vision to life (see it above, cute, huh?)  thank you so much hannah, you were a JOY to work with.. now, i introduce you all to hannah!

So hannah, when did you open your shop? 
JuneBug Inspirations opened in April 2011- I started JBI while pregnant with my 3rd Child, and during my nesting period.. :) I taught myself how to crochet a blanket, then a hat for her, and from there my imagination just ran wild... It has become an addiction and form of therapy for me.

Your name is so cute, how did you come up with the name?
The name JuneBug came from our little name-less baby girl who was due in June.. we still call her JuneBug- Just the thought of our new little Bundle on the way had inspired me daily to take on new challenges... 3rd Trimester of my pregnancy may have been a strange time to launch my little business, but I couldnt be happier with the outcome!

what is the hardest thing about running a home business for you?
Im sure you will hear this from any parent who has an at home business, but the juggle is the biggest challenge... I have 3 children- I am constantly on the run between school and sports with my older 2 and my youngest little tornado is only 18mths, so you can imagine what that implies-:) Being a mom comes 1st- Then comes being a Navy wife and stationed overseas... Juggling is even more challenging with a husband who is deployed about 1/2 the year...

what's one thing that everyone should know about you?
 Hmmmm wow- hard question... I guess the one thing I would want everyone to know about me is that I am dedicated. My husband always tells me I take on to much, but I wouldnt have it any other way! I enjoy the challenge of a large family, and trying to make my business thrive! Once I commit to something, I really try to follow through..

what or who inspires you? 
Everything.... I am inspired by my kids more then anything.... the majority of my business is custom hats for kids... So I look to them for critique- What do they like? I find inspiration in my surroundings as well- Here in Japan I feel that my style is growing.. There is so much here.. The culture, style, people.. its all inspiring!

two words that describe your style? 
Golly- Another hard question.... Eclectic & Colorful

what are the top two songs on your playlist?
Ok your killin' me! I have to much music I love.. Im currently loving Gabrielle Alpin's "Home" and my fallback, make me feel good song will always be "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John

(insert marie saying, "i LOVE elton john)

if you have a weekend to do anything you want what would you do (and it can not be catch up on work)?
If I could have a weekend to do anything I think I would have a mini hunny-moon with my hubs... maybe somewhere very secluded and exotic- Without the noise of the kids or the constant connection with technology!

Now, if you want to win this  super stinkin cute newborn hat, go visit hannah's fb page and come back to enter!!! the hat is hand made and sized 0-3 month and made with baby plush yarn!!

*winner will be chosen on tuesday!!

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