newborn logo design | stork logo design

brand new, hand drawn and in my shop now!!!

the madness of my screen (and this is actually cleaned up ) when drawing new designs

custom hair salon logo | premade logo designs

had fun customizing the logo for miss tracy. thank you for selecting me to bring your idea to fruition!!

custom photography logo designs | custom logo designs

this one was fun. audrey was a great client!   as soon as we started talking during our phone consultation, i knew i liked her.  she wasn't set on a specific idea, but had a few ideas in her head. after the initial concepts, something clicked and she knew what she wanted. i know not every client always knows what they like, but knowing what they DONT like is just as important. having clients like audrey, clients where the first round just isn't "it," but they still have the trust in me to still bring another idea to fruition are what keeps me doing custom logos.

thanks again audrey!!!

custom logo designs! | custom design for bell and willow:)

custom design for an amazing client.  thank you so much for allowing me to bring your vision to life!! i look forward to making more items for you in the future!!