happy valentines day

for my daughter's class valentines, she wanted to do a photo. so, we took a photo in her super cute heart shirt (found here: ) and took a photo outside, leaving some negative space on the left to write some text.

after editing the photo, i added the wording and then printing on sheets of labels. the nest day, autumn stuck them on bags of m&m's :)

watercolor logos | premade photography logos

what i am working on now. brand new, hand painted (not digitally) watercolor designs turned into logos.

day 32/365 | Girls play baseball #LikeAGirl

my little miss autumn started baseball yesterday. she is the only girl in an otherwise all boy leaugue so sometimes first practices are a little intimidating, but it went great  - she knew a few boys and made a new friend right away. I LOVE it when she has boys on her team that do not think twice about having a girl on their team :)

happy super bowl sunday

i hope everyone is going to have a great day - whether that be getting out of the house and shopping or, if you are like me and my family, all together around the tv rooting for your favorite team!  we are (mostly) seahawks fans. my oldest is a cardinals fan and peyton is a die hard giants fan, so they are playing the neutral fans today, the rest of us, however, are all about being the 12th man!!

go seahawks.

here is miss autumn, she gladly let me paint her face!