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i hope you all had a wonderful memorial day weekend. my poor autumn was sick so we spent all weekend at home, mostly inside. but lucky for us, it was softball super regional weekend, so we had plenty of games to watch to keep up busy.
finally on monday, she was well enough to venture outside. the mister put in some new plants in the garden, and my lavender is looking so pretty!  so, what is a designer to do? draw a lavender logo of course :)  it is now in my shop!! all hand drawn!

previous photo i took of my lavender!

photography logos | premade logo with feather

just finished up a custom logo and this hand drawn feather fell on the editing floor, so up for grabs in my shop. lightweight, outline only and i can make it any color you want!

custom logo design | clothing logo

last month i finished up a custom logo of a cute little vw inspired logo with bunting and a peace sign for jessica of major love clothing. this morning i received an email from jessica with a photo of the logo painted on her new store wall. how cute is this?

check them out here:
major love facebook:

photography logos | there is more to a blog right

ok this is the post where i admit that i am a horrible blogger... i dont want my blog to die, so i post new logos and occasionally family photos.  whenever i sit at my desk with something great i want to post, i think that i am talking to myself and then i feel i will be a little sad to know i typed up this great post and no one read it, but my mom. wait, who am i kidding, my mom doesn't even have a pc, let alone the knowledge to even find my blog!

i have been busy, which is a good thing, but when i have slow times, i think "why am i slow" i should make more logos. and then i think "you are slow, go read a book." that inner struggle of relax vs work. i think we all do it, especially us moms, who has time to read a book? i do, but that is usually only on long car rides, the 45 minute trip to batting lessons or the 2 hour trip to the dentist (yes my dentist is two hours away... and i wont find one closer because then when would i read?

so there, my tiny attempt at a little actually blogging. now, i can show you my new logo :)

and here is one of my favorite pictures from our beach trip!

logo design | party logo, girl with balloons

brand new illustrated logo in my shop - cute little girl holding a pinwheel and balloons at the end