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Photography Logo Design: Affordable Premade Logo Designs

New premade logos in my shop!

new sale starts today - free holiday photo cards part II

free card sale offer part II :)
in honor of my "little guy" turning 14 on cyber monday (aack, 14?) i am giving you a gift too and offering another free card sale. for those of you that missed the early bird sale, this new sale is for you.

4x6 & 5x7 photo card sale:
buy 35-49 cards and get 3 free
buy 50-99 cards and get 5 free
buy 100+ and get 7 free
sale starts november 28, 2011 - december 1, 2011 at midnight. this will be the last free card sale of the year.

please note that i will add the free cards to your order after purchase, they will not show in your basket at checkout, but i will add them after :)
cardstock orders: please note that because cardstock orders have to be ordered in increments of 25, the free cards will be in the form of photo cards, not card stock.

*sale is only applicable for orders made directly on and only for holiday cards. not applicable for invitations or birth announcements. free cards are not offered for prior purchases nor purchases made on other sites.

Annual free card sale ends tomorrow!

i hope you all had a fabulous thanksgiving.

now that thanksgiving is over, it is time to start thinking about CHRISTMAS. maybe you were waiting for pictures to capture your family all dressed up or maybe you like to celebrate thanksgiving THEN do your holiday cards? this is why i had the sale last past thanksgiving. NOW is the time to order :) have a great day and i leave you with what i am thankful for... family. my awesome kids:

holiday cards 2011

aack - can you believe it is FALL - holiday season is just right around the corner. i am almost done with the new designs. here are a few to see. they will be in my store by the first week of october along with more!!!

have to share...

my "little" guy (i say little, but at 13 he is already bigger then me), was chosen (with some fellow team mates and cheerleaders), to take part in a photoshoot last night and will be on the cover of a local sports magazine :)

{mine is 67}



one of my logo client's, stephanie, has a little sweet boy who is in need of prayers from those that pray, positive thinking for those that rather do that and a whole lot of wishing, hoping and strength.

i have been blessed with three healthy children and never, not for one second, do i take that for granted. my children are gifts, as are all children. we wil never know why things happen, but they do and when they do, we need to offer whatever it is we have to those that need help.

so, please join me in thinking, hoping, wishing and praying for little "O".

custom photography logo design: affordable custom logo designers

new premades are now in my etsy shop!

bringing out the point and shoot (p&s)

for the past few years, if we went anywhere, i lugged around my big old camera plus a few lenses.... well, you know what i realized when i recently made my 2010 family book? REAL life pics, fun pics, don't all have to be from a big ole' dslr.... some of my favorite photos are far from canvas worthy, but they make me smile just the same... so, the past few times we have gone on outings, i have borrowed little miss autumn's p&s and it fits in the little cell phone pocket of my purse. yippee. here are a couple pics from this weekend at the local little league regional championship games.... the road to the ll world series... GO SO CAL!

Custom Logo Design: Custom Illustrations

today i finished up initial proof for a custom illustration for kate of "sweet monica celebrations." she makes the most adorable party capes, hats and masks!

Custom Logo Design: Custom Illustrations

what i am working on today:
finishing up some custom logos. one of which for "the professor's wIfe"


welcome to the world: a birth story in pictures

after a month, and going through 724 pictures. i am done with this wonderful session.

this session is not just a session about a birth, but a session about how prayers are answered, how dreams come true. how you can not know someone one minute and then love them the next.

usually when i am at a session. i sort of feel disconnected from the situation. i want people to be real. however, i didn't feel like an outsider with michelle and steve. for 3 hours, we laughed, we cried and we witnessed the miracle of life.

with that, i give you a few of my most favorite photos from the session
and finally, the video...

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