logos for photographers - premade logos

happy tuesday everyone. i hope everyone is trying to stay cool in this summer heat wave!!
i have a few new premade designs in my shop today!

cupcake logo designs | premade logos

i drew a couple new premade logos designs  - in my shop now!!

sewing logo - premade logo designs

brand new flower sewing design in my shop :) can be used for the person who sews, appliques, or just loves flowers!

cake logo design | new logo for custom cake shops & bakers

just finished up this cake which is three tiers, little gold piping and two pretty flowers atop a gold cake plate!

logo designs \ premade logo designs

happy friday eve everyone.  i hope everyone is having a great thursday. all is well here. there is a fire burning up in the mountains out my window though. darn california drought has made everything so dry and add in the winds around here and YUCK. i hope everyone up in big bear and surrounding towns are safe and that our fireman stay safe as well.

today i added a new be and needle logo to my shop! brand new hand drawn be at the end of the 'thread" that loops through the needle :)

hope you like it!

premade logo design - new cake decorator logo

so i was in our new hobby lobby for a couple of minutes (u hum, few hours) and got lost in the baking supplies.. oh how i always wanted to be a baker. i am, but just a mommybaker :)  i have tried piping cake but can never do it like the pros!! so, of course after the trip i came home inspired to make a piping logo. here it is.

repurpose, reuse, recycle - new antique style couch logo

all drawn by me :) perfect for the furniture maker, designer, refurbisher (is that a word?) :)
i love antique style stuff - so wish i would have appreciated it when i was young!

logo design | premade logos

happy monday everyone. i hope you all had a great weekend. we spent most of the weekend at our all star warm up tournament. the team one one and lost two :(  but it was still a blast and even in losing, lessons are learned!

monday means back to work and a have a few more designs for you - i am having fun with hand lettering so here is a new listing with hand lettered initials!

floral design - florist logo - photography logo - hand drawn logos

brand new hand drawn tulip logo and a floral design with frame logo - new in my shop!

happy friday everyone!

one girl and 11 boys

here is our all star team after yesterday's win. this group of 11 boys (and my girl) kicked some butt. i am so very proud of her and the girl and athlete she is out on that field. she loves baseball and is GOOD at baseball. this group of boys have embraced her and treat her like any other team mate (as they should). i know some people look down on girls playing baseball with boys, but "lions don't concern themselves with the opinions of sheep" a quote from her coach :)

premade logos | premade logo design for sewing

happy thursday everyone, here are a few new ones in my shop!

and even more premade logo designs | sewing logo

brand new sewing logo in my shop. cute little spool of thread on a swirl :)

more photography logos | premade logo designs

so excited to have some time yesterday to draw up a couple designs. here are a couple. in my shop now ;)

new font and new swirly frame logo design

i HAD to make a pretty fun new swirly frame to go with this amazing new font!  so cute. perfect for the photographer or boutique! you can do color or with the sample grey and it includes the black and white set - all for $45!

swirl frame and camera logo | photography logo

happy thursday everyone  - i hope you all are doing good. all-star season (my girl made all-stars is keeping us busy, but i just renewed this and wanted to show it off here. the frame is hand drawn as is the camera - super sweet logo for the photographer who likes feminine swirls, but doesnt scream GIRLY :)