term of the day "post processing" or PP for short.

in the photographer's world, the term post-processing is used a lot. this is what they do to the photo after the shutterclick. most photographers have a workflow and use applications such as elements and lightroom to make your photos look their best. this takes a good shot to the next level. not everyone is a photographer and not everyone wants to be one, but we all want our photos too look their best.

as a photographer and a designer, i use both my skill sets to make your card look its best. i do not just add the photos onto my design. i spend hours making photos look their best. i crop, i lighten, i brighten, i adjust saturations to make your photos be the spotlight of the card and not my design. here are some examples of befores and afters.

a personal post.

i love photography. to my friends and family, this is no secret. this helps drive my passion for my cards, i have fun making your pics look their best. last year, i started a 365 project. a picture of day of my kids for a year! last week i finished! i was able to accomplish taking a unique photo of my two younger kids every day for 365 days!!!! the pay off - a awesome poster and a book in the works!! here is a link to their posters:

my 3 year olds

my 10 years olds:

and some of my favorite pics of the year - one also of my oldest who i did not do the project for.

it is halloween time

i know, i know. i am guilty of talking about christmas before halloween even pasted.. but do not worry, i didn't forget all the ghosts and goblines. i have finished my new 2008 designs and they will be in my store this week.

here is a sneak peak:

new birth announcement designs . . .

announcing three new designs. before the big holiday rush, i wanted to add some designs and had the opportunity to have a customer's pics inspire two of them.Photobucket Image Hosting Photobucket Image Hosting
chocolate kisses

Photobucket Image Hosting Photobucket Image Hosting
someone tine (new & improved)

Photobucket Image Hosting Photobucket Image Hosting
snug as a bug