something good this way comes . . .

this sweet family is about to become a party of 5 - if you email me tonight and i don't reply right away it is because i am documenting the birth - yipee. talk to you soon!!!


custom logo design: what i am working on now

finishing up a custom logo "complimentary" design for a custom for her 2nd business. her first logo was a tree... this logo has the tree flowers, but then thread like lines to go with the "fiber" part of her business.

well hello mr jones

well, hello mr jones

this is mr jones - peyton's guinea pig. i always had hamsters, but let me tell you, there is no contest - these guys are so social, they don't run away (look at him, he is posing) and they great you when you come in the room (it may help that we bring them fresh veggies :)

custom photo birthday invitations: new hula girl invitations

already in my etsy shop, available next week in my store!

sneak peak - holiday card templates for photographers

i will have a few collections for a "christmas in july sale"