the "girl" is turning nine. . . .

my little miss. my baby. my last child. my only girl. my autumn . . . will be NINE next month. how quickly time flies.

she is the reason that i believe in the saying "God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers." for if my (unspoken) prayers had been answered, we would have had a third boy. oh how we THOUGHT we wanted a boy... how wrong we were. she is a little bit of her dad, a little of me, some part her older brother and some parts her (younger) older brother and a whole lot of HER. she is strong, she is stubborn. she can be the girliest of girls, but is also a tough athlete and the only girl in a full baseball league of boys.

she is smart (perfect score on the STAR state standard testing, only in her school), but yet has a hard time figuring out how to keep her darn room clean:)

she is the sun that lights our days and her daddy's heart walking outside his body.

she is the greatest thing we never knew we wanted.

happy early birthday 'girl'. i love you so much