my little princess

another year, another princess costume.

and with another year, came another milestone.... peyton didn't dress up, so bittersweet to see your kids grow up (sometimes more bitter then sweet). the sad thing is you never really know when you are experiencing their "last" of something.. .last year i didn't know it was the last time he would trick or treat with his sister.. i would have taken more photos (yes, i can take more photos), i would have taken my camera as we went door to door, i would have recorded his voice that is getting to manly as he said "trick or treat", i would have put that away to listen later and remember forever, but now it is gone, my little guy is growing up and walked with us adults as his little sister trick or treated with friends.... cherish every moment with your kids, it just may be your last . . .

 i hope you all had a great halloween.