photography logos | there is more to a blog right

ok this is the post where i admit that i am a horrible blogger... i dont want my blog to die, so i post new logos and occasionally family photos.  whenever i sit at my desk with something great i want to post, i think that i am talking to myself and then i feel i will be a little sad to know i typed up this great post and no one read it, but my mom. wait, who am i kidding, my mom doesn't even have a pc, let alone the knowledge to even find my blog!

i have been busy, which is a good thing, but when i have slow times, i think "why am i slow" i should make more logos. and then i think "you are slow, go read a book." that inner struggle of relax vs work. i think we all do it, especially us moms, who has time to read a book? i do, but that is usually only on long car rides, the 45 minute trip to batting lessons or the 2 hour trip to the dentist (yes my dentist is two hours away... and i wont find one closer because then when would i read?

so there, my tiny attempt at a little actually blogging. now, i can show you my new logo :)

and here is one of my favorite pictures from our beach trip!