a soldier... private first class....

not sure which is correct, but they both sound very foreign rolling off my tongue, but it is official, on october 30th, on a warm autumn night in san diego, my oldest was officially sworn in to the United States Army.... (i just had to take a deep breath as i typed that).

he decided this in june, took the ASVAB test in August, and like always, he passed the test with flying colors (in the 99th percentile), so was lucky and was able to get to choose the field. he has enough college credits to enter at a higher level paygrade too. because of the appendectomy, he had to wait until this month to go to MEPS for his physical....

the night before last, I asked him again if this is what he really wants and he said yeah.... it is what he wants to do. he is now part of something bigger then himself, bigger then our family.

a new journey, i am scared for him, i am sure all moms are, but i am proud of him too... this is good, right? right...

he reports to fort benning in georgia in january . . . here we go.

she is E-I-G-H-T now. . . .

this little girl may know how to give the camera the look, but she can also pitch a mean pitch on the pitchers mound on an (almost) all boys team :) she is strong, yet cuddly, stubborn, yet sweet, and beautiful inside and out!

football, week 8

here is my boy #42, during the pregame coin toss... so so proud of him!!

it is almost halloween

do you have your kids costumes yet? miss autumn has been a different princess the last 4 years, this year, she chose Rapunzel  we took her to downtown disney and she picked everything out :)  this is her in the store with her loot :)

dance like no one is watching

my oldest and autumn dancing in the stands at peyton's football game!