photography logo design | diamond logo design

brand new in my shop - two new logo designs with diamond accent details!!! for the business owner that loves some sparkle!

graphic design

graphic design is what i do.

graphic design is what i love.
graphic design is who i am.
graphic design is what i have been doing and learning every day for over 15 years. 
graphic design is an art. 
graphic design is a talent. 
graphic design is also education (formal and informal). 
graphic design is having an eye for design, for lines, space. colors, fonts and so much more..

just like owning a DSLR camera does not make one a photographer. nor does owning a cast iron skillet make one a chef . . . 

it is also true that having photoshop, illustrator or inDesign does not make one a graphic designer.


hand painted logo design

a completely one of a kind logo - your name, hand painted!