a princes makeover invitation: custom design just for b

as a mom, and a designer, it gives me great joy to get to see other little ones growing up. little brantliegh is close to my daughter's age, so it is a little more special to have been able to "watch" her grow the last three years. next month this little princess is turning 5 and having a special princess make-over party with her friends and to celebrate, her mom asked for a custom design just for her. incorporated into the design are all things girlie and even a little dressed up doll designed after the little princess herself.

here are 3+ years of little brantliegh growing up . . .

happy birthday brantleigh and thank you traci!!

magical tutu princess party invitations

what little girl doesn't want to be a princess. and how many of those little girls want a princess party? we did this for my daughter's birthday, we had a princess theme and i had tutus, wands and crowns waiting for every little girl. they were all so excited and staying up for nights on end making everything was worth it. after that event, the awesome girl who helped me make all those things has now been making tutus for ther little girls for the past 8 months. her store is almost complete! she has tutus of all colors and will customize a single princess tutu or an entire party bundle just for you.

here is just a sneak peek and what she can do and an invite I can customize to match your own magical party (invite will be in my store next week!)

see her store here at tutusandbeijo.com

custom butterfly announcement

sometimes you have the perfect photo and you can not find the perfect announcement to go with it. it is those times that you want an announcement the compliments your photo perfectly... so, why not ask? depending upon the complexity of the work and how much of a backlog i have, i usually can customize an announcement to be perfect for you. occasionally the work involved may incur an additional design fee for the time, but i would never charge without letting you know. so, have a question? want to know if i can match something? just ask, katie's mom did and look how her's turned out :)

spring is here

and i have been busy... thank you to all my new customers and another thank you to all my past customers that keep coming back for more. you all rock!!

time for a SPA PARTY

spa party invitation: hot of the presses (or actually hot off of my computer) these fun little invitations are perfect for inviting friends for a day of beauty and celebration with friends.