summer time - closing for summer break soon

a few hints that it is summer time:

  1. cherries on my back tree
  2. flip flops at the front door
  3. the dogs rather sleep outside :)
i am so excited for summer. i will be taking a summer break from june 20th through about july 11th. in order to allow time to finish up orders, i will stop taking new orders around the 17th so that you have your files back in time :)

thank you all, in advance, for your understanding.

i wish you all a summer filled with time with the ones you love, laughter with friends, times alone to relax, and a very healthy and safe summer!

Premade Logo Design: Logo Design for Photographer

© hand drawn, created, posted and copyrighted 06.06.2012 07:02pm. PST - please be original, copying isn't nice.

item: [brianna wilson] a hand drawn swirly frame. hand drawn and will not be resold. i can customize colors and text :)

premade swirly frame logo

Photography Logo Design: Premade Hand Drawn Logo Design

© copyrighted by autumns creek
© hand drawn, created, posted and copyrighted 06.06.2012 3:29p.m. PST

item: a fun hand sketched camera outline with your name in a fun handwritten font. circular file with the camera and your name going around is included!