custom logo design | fawn logo

hey there. these past few months have been crazy busy. the girl (autumn) is in travel softball now and while i love it, it eats up ALL our time... so some things, like my littel blog home have become neglected. however, as with everyone, it is almost new years, so i will TRY TRY TRY ot make keeping this little spot up to date as a new years resolution!! happy new year peeps!!

signature logo | handwriting logo

do you love your writing? do you want a logo NO ONE else can have? let me make your own writing into YOUR logo :) listing now in my shop! 

new premade logo designs | hand drawn logos

it has been crazy busy in my house lately, but i did squeeze some new premades out for you :)

custom logo design | custom illustrations for logos

just finished up these sweet pups. the logo for their mom's photography!

farm logo design | premade logos

brand new, all hand drawn barn logo in my shop!

photography logos

see how just changing the color on a premade logo can make it all your own?

this is my etsy listing:

and here is the changed proof :)

premade logo designs | baking logos

some new premade designs in my shop :)

two fun new logo designs for your baking business  :)

sunflower logo design

brand new premade logo with a sweet sunflower in a jar

party logo - premade logos

brand new gold balloon logo in my shop :)

dandelion logos | photography logos

brand new dandelion logos in my shop. have a great weekend everyone

custom logos designs

just finished this one for a client. LOVED her color palette!

bakery logo \ baking logo

brand new premade baking logo in my shop :)

custom triathlon logo | tri fit logos

just finished proofs for a custom triathlon logo. so much fun!

premade logos | photography logos

brand new hand drawn logo, in my shop now :)

custom fitness logo - personal trainer logo

i LOVE doing logos that just "work" when a client has an idea and it is so perfect and so "them." this custom design is for a super sweet personal trainer and fitness guru, melissa. not only does the girl love bell flowers, but she married a man whose last name was bell AND she is a trainer? come on, who gets that lucky! modern bell is her biz name and i did an abstract barbell with a sweet little bell flower at the ends. LOVE this. great idea melissa and thanks for choosing me to bring your vision to life!

custom make up artist logo

 a couple of my custom concepts for lash goddess

custom logos - marathon custom proofs today..

edits and initial proofs

first, for miss catherine, some fancy gold tones and intials!

then, for miss melissa, an abstract barbell with little bell flowers

photography logos | floral wreath watercolor logo

brand new design in my shop!!  love the natural feel of these little buds!

career day at school

my autumn has career day today and although she says she told me earlier, i dont remember so we did a quick last minute outfit. she hopes to be a vet someday so borrowed shirt, a stethoscope and a home made name badge by mom and she was ready :) my little vet to be (she looks so grown up in a work shirt).

photography logos and watermarks - new watercolor logo

hi everyone, here is a new design, with an amazing font and watercolor. i can make the colors whatever you want :)  have a great thursday!

premade logos | photography logos and watermarks

i hope you all had a wonderful valentines weekend! here are some new designs in my shop :)

custom logo design

just finished a couple of custom proofs for susie gomes. love custom scrolls.  :)

fox logo designs

brand new, hand drawn fox logo in my shop now!

custom newborn photography logo

aack - had SO MUCH fin doing this. I did one of sarah's first logos, which was an edited premade and she returned to me, a few years later for her new look. love love love what she was envisioning, i hope i captured it for her. here is one of the proofs :)

another example of customizing a premade to make it your own, changed colors and a bee to a butterfly!

photography logo designs | premade logos

make a premade more you by changing up the font, or even the colors!