my little one will turn FIVE

oh boy (or in this case, girl) - how time flies. i started doing these cards for her 1st birthday invitation and here we are 4 years later. while my style has changed some since my first designs, my passion for design has not. i love doing these cards, i love helping new parents announce their joy & I love creating invites that show how our little ones have grown. i could never do an invite with just one picture. i take almost a picture every day of her, so how could i pick ONE? picking just a couple for each year was like torture. i wanted to pick one a month, but i don't think that even i could get 72 pics to fit nicely on an invite, so i settled for a couple a year (plus a couple bonus ones). here she is, my little miss autumn and her 5th birthday invite created by mom, with love. i love you princess. happy [almost] 5.