new humming bird logo - photography logos

as someone who is lucky enough to see these amazing little birds on a daily basis, it was about time i had a logo with one in my shop.  new sweet hummingbird logos!

premade logo designs | hand drawn photography logos

love this hand drawn rose with light coral and tuches of a sweet buttery yellow!

premade logo designs | circle / circular logo add-ons

adding on a circular file to your logo purchase is a great way to enhance your brand. use the circular files for watermarking, stickers, etc.  AND, i make each circular file as purchase so no two are exactly alike!

custom logo designs | dog logo designs

finished up this custom logo for posh pawz! had a lot of fun with this one and am quite proud of it!

premade logos | lady bug logo design

brand new swirl and ladybug logo in my shop now :)