great photo cards start with great pictures - photography 101

and, great pictures usually start with great eye contact!!

i get many moms (ok, a couple dads too), that email me, frustrated that they do not have any good pictures. first, let me say that when all is said and done, every picture you have documenting your children's lives are ALL good pictures. while, i will agree that every picture may not be technically correct, or what some people may call "frame-worthy," as a photographer and a mom, there is something magical, about every picture.

so, blah blah blah, you get the sappy stuff, but you want a technically better photos of your kids? okay, glad you asked :) great photos usually start with these main things; good light (which to me is natural light, never flash), good composition and eye contact. notice i didn't say a good camera? that is because it isn't the camera, it isn't. when non-photography people see my pictures, many say, "wow, you have a great camera." well, that is like calling a chef to your table and saying, "wow, what great pans you have." :)

i will admit that a great camera can take higher resolution pictures, handle low light better and even capture better compositions with full frames, but if you don't have the basics down, the best camera in theworld can't take a great photo on it's own.

today, i am going to share a secret about one of the main things behind a great photo, eye contact. some of you tell me your child wont look at you runs, away, etc. there are some great ways to fix this. for little babies (at least 6 weeks) eye contact can be acheived. use a bell, whistle or some other form of noise and they will look at you, then click.

for the older ones, there are many things to try;

  1. try singing them a new song - itsy bitsy spider, while doing the spider with one hand works wonders
  2. tell them jokes.
  3. whisper, like you are telling a secret and most kids will stare.
  4. ask if you have something on your camera (hey lizzie, is there a butterfly on my camera?)
  5. and finally, there is always bribery. sometimes a great shot may cost you a bag of m&m's, but it will be worth it :)

    below are some of my favorite shots that i have taken for friends with great eye contact!

custom photo cards - quantity discount pricing is done!!

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