don't fall for a copycat.

the other day, i was emailed a link to a myspace account. when i opened it, my stomach dropped. on this site were MY DESIGNS for sale. the person who "owned" this myspace account had downloaded my work & were displaying them as examples of her work. she didn't even bother to duplicate the design or remake them, they were MY CARDS, with my children on them. within 24 hours, and after a few copyright infringement letters to both her, myspace & photobucket, i was successful in her pulling down my work. i know i can not stop design theft. i see it on a weekly basis, new people selling designs that i know are based on my work. it is frustrating to see my hard work being sold by someone else. it is even more frustrating when i think that people may fall for it, see MY WORK, buy them and i know the finished product will be substandard as no true designer needs to copy someone else's work. so, my customers, be careful, buy from a reputable designer. i have been in business for over 3 years and take pride in each and every design i make for you.