sewing logo | premade sewing logo

a brand new logo in my shop - grab this custom logo (this is not a design that will be sold more then once) while you can. the ampersand ends in a needle and is holding a spool of thread with a little bee at the end :)

premade logo design | premade hand drawn bird logo

photography logo with gorgeous modern calligraphy font and three perched little birds.

custom logo design | custom photography business cards

there are so so many business card templates for photoshop and yes, so many cute templates on big box site, but there is nothing that can compare to a custom business card made just for you. you deserve it, i will design a card for you that will stand out and be YOU not something that just "works" :)

premade logo design | cherry blossom logo

brand new in my shop!! exclusive, custom logo at a fraction of a custom logo price!

office/craft room update

i think i am about 70% done. i still have to put plates on light switches and outlets, pictures in frames, molding on my sliding door, art work to make and hand, shelf to hang and probably lots more i cant think of. i have a pretty white shag rug i bought at target, but that will be the last thing i do.... i am doing this on a budget, so it has been so long to do, but i love it. almost everything i have bought is used, up-cycled, except my lovely pottery barn craft table that the mister bought for me.. and the stools he just surprised me with recently!