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i just finished up finalizing the approved custom logo for miss lori of lori anne probst photography. thank you so much lori for letting me bring your logo to life. you do gorgeous work and i wish you much luck!!


Lori Probst said...

Hi Marie,
I just wanted to drop in and say thank you so much for my logo!! I seriously smile whenever I see it whether on my web/blog... (still under construction), on my Facebook page or on the business cards. You are so talented and I truly loved working with you!!!

Lori Anne Probst

Lori Probst said...

Hey again Marie,
In case you were looking for your artwork my website is actually (no anne..yet). Facebook Lori Anne Probst Photography :)

Have a great one!
Lori Probst

Tiffany Newcomer said...
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Lori Probst said...

Well, it has been over one year since you created my logo and I still love it!!!!

My business has grown to underwater portraiture, however, I think the logo still represents my photography. The look of the water represents my underwater photography and the butterfly over my name represent metamorphosis, anything changing such as engagements, maternity, newborns, and children. It is still perfect and all because of your imagination!

Thank you so much!!!
Lori Probst
www.lorianneprobstphotography (lol, and again parts of the web page are under construction)