our little styx

our styx was bitten by a rattle snake just 6 days ago, but thanks to some wonderful care, is back to normal and healthy. although we have lived here for 8 years and have seen many snakes, this was our first (and hopefully last) snake bite. what i have learned from this is:
1. many places offer snake avoidance lessons for dogs, they teach dogs to stay away from snakes.
2. know BEFORE you need it, where your local vet hospital  is that has antivenin in stock, many clinics, due to the cost, do not stock this
3. if your dog is bitten, time is of the essence, take him right away
4. avoid as much activity from your dog, if you can carry him to the car, activity will help speed up the venom moving through him...

we love this guy and although we are now broke (another thing i learned is antivenim costs BANK), we are so glad to still have him!!


Malin Ward Photography blog said...

Ohh I am so happy u made it to the vet in time, what a beautiful friend ♡! Hope u have a great weekend! Malin Ward xx

marie said...

awe. thanks so much malin!!!