thanksgiving crafts: garland of gratitude

i got this idea from the high heeled mama , while searching for some thanksgiving crafts to do with autumn. this one caught my eye right away and it cost nothing to make. we gathered some scrapbook paper from our stock, i printed some fall leaf shapes and we started to craft.

what you need:

  • paper in all sorts of fall colors
  • markers or crayons
  • printed leaf shapes (or you can trace around a real leaf)
  • scissors
  • string
  • hole punch
after cutting out all the shapes, we started to color, outline, etc and then we wrote things we are thankful for on them. i even got the boys to write too.

some things written on our garland of gratitude:

"i am thankful for freedom"
"i am thankful for lazy sundays"
"i am thankful for all i have been given and all i can earn"
"i am thankful for my pets"
"i am thankful for my family"
"i am thankful for second chances"

so, what are you thankful for?

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Anonymous said...

OMG. What a great idea. Thanks so much