hey there it is {me} the person behind the pc

day 5

just in case you are wondering who you are talking to when you convo me.. this is me and of course my little miss A - it's an arms reach pic, so not perfect, but as moms we never have that many pics with our kids, so i try to remember to take some :)

arms reach pics always remind me of facebook pics (which is odd, since i dont do FB, but ive seen plenty) - anyway, i once was perusing some high fashion pics and found a whole plethora of pics of this gorgeous model (from a far away country), and i later saw this same pic on someone's FB and blog, funny. i would feel off loggin into my blog and seeing someone else's pic there. but i guess to each their own :)

keep it real everyone . . . don't steal other people's identities (or ideas, concepts, etc,) be true to YOURSELF -

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