guess who in on etsy?

me. me. i am. i have had so many people find my on the other "e" site that they asked if i was on etsy, now i am! i know i already have my own website/store, but i felt this is a good way to not only advertise for me but be on a site that has the BEST custom made made stuff. i can spend hours browsing through all the wonderful stuff oon etsy, i am so excited to now be part of it!

and because i was so excited, i made a new logo design - this is me at my desk :)

if you want to come see me, click here:


Sweet P Preston said...

I LOVE etsy! So many wonderful things to be found! Congrats and good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you must be sick of the eBay seller policies!

marie said...

anonymous - no need to post without your name :) not so much the policies, but the fees and just the demographic has changed. my design focus has changed from the photocards to more logo/branding and the clients for that market aren't on ebay :)