photo birth announcements: EXCLUSIVE calendar style announcements!

give your announcement even more staying power on friends and family's message boards, refridgerators, etc - now your announcement can double as a calendar!!! use one photo or more! switch up colors or text, circle the day your sweet baby was born, it is up to you, it is YOUR announcement!

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Tricia Pietraccini said...

Hi! My name is Tricia Pietraccini and I believe you made birth announcements for 3 of my children. I have a business card with the website However, that website is no longer valid. We just had a 4th child and were hoping you would be able to make birth announcements for him. The girls have pink birth announcements and our older son has the same one in blue. If you are the person who used to have the autumns-creek website and still do birth announcements, please let me know. If so, I will send you a scan of my older son's birth announcement to see you if you can make the same one for our infant son. Thank you! I'm really hoping you are able to help us.