taking the best pictures: turn OFF that flash

so so often, i get emails from customers saying. "here is the info, i am going to try and take a picture tonight." I read that and the photographer in me cringes just a little. "no no no" i think, "don't wait until tonight." because the BEST lighting for photos is natural light, sunlight, but not direct light. and the best time for outdoor photos is before sunset, what we call "the golden hour." your skin tones and all-around lighting and colors will be the best with the light that comes from outside! you can use this light either inside by a large window (sliding door, etc) or going outdoors in what we call "open shade" this can be under a big tree or in the garage with the door open. do not try and take photos in full sun, not only will your child look away and/or squint but you will get un-equal lighting and harsh shadows.

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