Red Egg & Ginger Party.

Through a customer, I just recently heard about an Chinese tradition called a "Red Egg and Ginger Party" which is held for a newborn baby. What a fun way to introduce your little one to friends and relatives.

Through the net, i found that this celbration is an ancient Chinese tradition and in histroically, it also was the time when the baby was given his/her name and formally accepted into the family. The event is usually accompanied with a meal and held at the parents or grandparents home.

The significance of the red is that it represents happiness & good luck. Eggs symbolize fertility & the renewal of life. Usually guests are given a red dyed egg at the event. Ginger adds a touch of spice to food and therefore balances the yin and yang.

If you are planning one oof these fun parties, i now have the invites just for you!!


Lauren Bergmann said...

I am racking my brain to find your email. I wanted to order a watermark and maybe some other items for my photography business. Please get back to me:)
Lauren Bergmann

Wes said...

Beautiful invitations. Your design really mixes contemporary and traditional influences well. Out of curiosity, do you sell on Etsy?