actress from Guiding Light chooses a holiday card from autumn's creek!

actress michelle ray smith contacted me for her hoiday cards. she had taken a photo of her son and she said it reminded her of an old vintage photo and wanted something different for her family's holiday greeting. she asked if i could make a custom card and of course i said yes. she said she wanted blue, snowflake and a retro feel. although i felt stumped for a while, something did come to me & michelle was happy with the result. she said,

"Marie, It's beautiful! We love it :) Well done!"

here is the final result:

thank you michelle and family!!

*name and card posted with permission from michelle ray

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Vikki said...

Well I think you do an amazing job to everyone you take on. It speaks volumes not only on your unlimited talent, but who you are.

We are the only ones who stop ourselves from reaching any goal.