the face of inspiration

meet deirdre and her gorgeous family. she is the military wife that emailed me with a special request the other day. she wrote,

"We are a military family and my hubby just left us from his 2 week R&R to go back to Iraq where he will be for Christmas.I am having a hard time finding a card that is military related.I was thinking something like your red ribbon card but make the ribbon yellow (for deployment) and maybe an american flag for the whole back ground and one picture . . . please let me know if you could do something. "

how could i say no? i was up for the challenge. however, the next morning, as I stared at a bright yellow ribbon, a red white & blue flag and my mostly brown, red & green collection of cards . . . i doubted myself, for just a second, on how could i make it all work & keep my design style intact. i think i did it though & deirdre's email after seeing the draft made all the work worth while!

these are the three deirdre had to decide on, which did she choose? I am not telling. if you are one of the lucky ones to know this wonderful wife and mom personally, you will have to wait until you get it in the mail :)

thank you Deirdre, I am honored to be a little part of the you family's holiday. And please thank your husband, for all of us, for sacrificing so much to keep us safe!!


The Morrow Family said...

I am one of the lucky ones to know this fabulous wife and mom personally. I am to a military wife and we met 7 years ago when we were stationed in Germany together. Our sons were born at the same hospital exactly 5 weeks apart and were best friends in Germany as well as in Texas until my dear friend moved away. I miss her so much everyday...even though we talk on a daily basis!! I have to agree...whole-heartedly that she is an inspiration. She has endured more than one deployment and done it with such grace and courage. I am preparing for a deployment now and I can only hope that I encompass half of Deirdre's strength. She is an amazing mom and wife...but you forgot one title...FRIEND!!

I love your "in honor" series. It is a beautiful tribute to our hubbies who serve this beautiful country!!

Cassie Morrow

NAME: Shaney said...

I got the cards in the mail already!! They look GREAT! Thank you so much for all your help and doing all the changes! It makes me smile that we can have a little piece of my hubby with us at the holidays! You do AMAZING work and are a pleasure to work with!! I will be passing you along and I will be back for more cards in the future!! Thanks again SO much!! ~Deirdre

marie said...

Cassie, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and post your message. you are honored to know deirdre and ithank you and your family for serving our country as well!!!

deirdre!!! i am glad you dropped by to see this. have a great holiday & thank you for reminding me of the sacrifices so many people take to keep our country safe!!