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so many premade designs and custom designs for every agent and budget!

realtor logos

new realtor logos in my shop

baking logo | royal icing cookie logos

brand new baking logos in my shop

logos for realtors | real estate logos | real estate

just a few favorite real estate logos from my shop.

#texasstrong FREE texas stong png file.

feel free to clicl link below and save a png or jpg copy ;)

*** when you save the png, to save as png file (on windows) you must add .png at the end of the files name :)  hope it works for you all!!

rose gold logo design

brand spanking new custom logo design  - just finished up circles and business cards today!

logo for lipsense distributor

branding for your lipsense business? perfect new logo design for you!

realtor logo | real estate logos

new sets added to my favorite realtor logos

real estate logo designs

see my shop for this and many other real estate logos.
all my designs come with customization of your name, the colors and text
(including changing the font)

real estate logo

brand new real estate branding set in my shop

realtor logo designs | real estate logos

some brand new designs in my shop. if you have any questions, please fee free to shoot me an email or convo on etsy

custom teepee logo design

so in love with this custom logo proof

lip logos

new lip designs!!!

good morning everyone. i hope your new year is starting off great, i have a new real estate/home logo in my shop./ i really struggle with coming up with new house ones, while i want it to say real estate, i also want it to say YOU as you are selling a service. so always remember that i can change up th colors for you and also the font, if you want a more conservative or one that is more fun, just let me know!!

make up logo | brand new lipstick logo designs

a couple new lipstick logos in my shop!

custom logo design | fawn logo

hey there. these past few months have been crazy busy. the girl (autumn) is in travel softball now and while i love it, it eats up ALL our time... so some things, like my littel blog home have become neglected. however, as with everyone, it is almost new years, so i will TRY TRY TRY ot make keeping this little spot up to date as a new years resolution!! happy new year peeps!!

signature logo | handwriting logo

do you love your writing? do you want a logo NO ONE else can have? let me make your own writing into YOUR logo :) listing now in my shop! 

leave them with kindness

words to live by . . . from my mom

star logo design | premade logo

brand new star premade in my shop :)

new premade logo designs | hand drawn logos

it has been crazy busy in my house lately, but i did squeeze some new premades out for you :)

squirrel logo | premade logo designs

brand new squirrel logo in my shop :)

custom logo design | custom illustrations for logos

just finished up these sweet pups. the logo for their mom's photography!

farm logo design | premade logos

brand new, all hand drawn barn logo in my shop!

fox logo design | photography logos

brand new, all hand drawn logo in my shop!

photography logos

see how just changing the color on a premade logo can make it all your own?

this is my etsy listing:

and here is the changed proof :)

premade logo designs | baking logos

some new premade designs in my shop :)

two fun new logo designs for your baking business  :)